Syphilis Test, by Antibody/RPR/DNA

Syphilis Tests

If you suspect you have syphilis, you should get checked by a doctor. To determine if you have syphilis, you can test with a sample from the lesion or a blood test. In addition, people with whom you have had sexual contact should also be tested.

How to detect syphilis

We provide rapid syphilis test reports with a reporting time of 4-16 hours (if infected) so that you can receive syphilis treatment on the same day. Syphilis

  • Treponema pallidum antibody (TP) test $250
  • Syphilis RPR Test $150
  • Syphilis DNA test (Swab sample from sores) $690

Syphilis (Treponema pallidum) antibody test

The patient's blood is tested for the presence of antibodies to Treponema pallidum.

Syphilis Serum Test (RPR)

It is a test method for checking the reagin in the serum of syphilis patients. RPR is used to detect early antibodies. When there is reagent in the specimen, it will form flocculation with the carbon particles. This principle can be used to test whether you have syphilis.

Syphilis DNA test

A swab is extracted with a sample from the ulcer. This test is only suitable for people with suspected syphilis ulcer symptoms.

Syphilis Tests Cost

ItemPriceWindow PeriodSampleTurnaround Time
Syphilis Antibody$25014 daysBlood8-24 hours
Syphilis RPR$15014 daysBlood8-24 hours
Syphilis Quick Test$22045 daysBlood15 mins
Syphilis DNA Test$6907 daysSwab8-24 hours


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