Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Urban Medical provides comprehensive "sex therapy" services to help partners solve sexual obstacles and enjoy the joy of sex, so as to establish healthy, happy and harmonious intimacy. Sex therapists have professional experience in sexual and reproductive health services, and have received training in sex therapy or marriage counseling.


Do you want to improve the quality of your sex life, but are you facing the following sexual problems?


Lack of basic sexual knowledge Insufficient libido Insufficient sexual excitement Orgasm disorder Pain during intercourse Sexual life coordination and communication difficulties Various emotional and relationship distress caused by sex disorders


Overcoming sexual obstacles, we can help you. . .


Sex Coaching

The sex therapist interviews the partner in need, and provides knowledge and technical guidance and appropriate advice for the partner’s difficulties or individual needs in sexual life to assist them in their sexual life, establish a harmonious and coordinated sexual relationship, and improve their sexuality. Quality of life.

Sexual Dysfunction Therapy

Through interviews, sex therapists or doctors assist partners to clarify their sexual distress or sexual obstacles, establish treatment goals and strategies, gradually overcome sexual obstacles and improve sexual life, and enhance the intimate relationship between the two parties.



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