Aims and Values

We grasp on our core principles and cultivate virtues

Serving our patients with empathy, professionalism and at a fair price

At Urban Medical, we grasp on our core principles and cultivate virtues for providing high quality medical services to the public. We aim to provide rapid, convenient and focusing services and with high accuracy while serving our patients with empathy, professionalism and at a fair price. Our aims is to offer a quality choice of service to our patients, we realised there are limited options available on the market and often at premium. Thus, we look to provide an alternative of reasonable, open and clear pricing, faster reporting time and better service, to promote sexual health services in a positive manner.

We pride ourselves based on result turnaround-time and test accuracy. It is paramount to us to implement a comprehensive, advanced and state-of-the-art testing facility in order for clinicians to determine the cause of infection and to provide a timely and precision treatment recommendation to relieve patient’s physical and mental burdens. Our centre provides sexual health services and HIV prevention and treatment. In addition, privacy is of our utmost importance. We safeguard and offer anonymous testing services to our patients. You can expect to be treated with courtesy, trust and confidence in our excellent quality care.

Evidence-based for precision treatment recommendation

We believed rapid and accurate lab test result is the most essential in the provision of a precise, targeted treatment against the infections, and also are of the best interest to our patient. We understand the importance of the precision treatment against the diseases which can definitely save our client’s expenses, time and ease of pressure.

Shorter reporting time with no surcharge

We understand the reporting time is of very much concern, therefore we invested not only money but huge effort in having our own laboratory, with high standard professional management, sufficient manpower, and almost zero sample transporting time, these allow us to provide timely report with no additional same day report surcharge.

Clinical Services
  • Outpatient and Treatment
  • Sex Therapy
  • Laboratory Services
  • PEP & PrEP
  • Vaccination
  • Health Check

Our centre locates at the heart of Central District, making it easy to navigate and travel. As embodied in our principles and values, our centre has an inclusive and diversified team of professional staff striving to offer premium services at a fair price. We serve diversified population with different background and all visitor will be free from fear of any discrimination.

Medical Laboratory

In Urban Medical’s laboratory, result accuracy is that we place our utmost dedication for.

We only use a range of sophisticated and highly reliable equipment and reagents worldwide. The equipment and reagents used in our laboratory are approved and accredited by authority including, CE, CE-IVD, WHO, FDA and kFDA etc. The same range of equipment and reagents are also adopted in hospital and medical facilities in Hong Kong and worldwide. With our extended comprehensive test menu, equipped with mainly multiplex testing technology, we are able to detect over 30 types of pathogen in just one sample, thus shortening the test and reporting time.

Our self-owned laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated state-of-the-art machines to provide rapid and accurate testing services. As a self-owned laboratory affiliated to our medical centre, this allows us to shorten the turnaround time and more flexible in test item arrangement.
Professional Team
Urban Medical’s professional team consists of doctors, sexual health therapists and consultants. Our medical laboratory is managed by registered Medical Laboratory Technician and a team of PhD in medical sciences. All personnel are well-qualified and highly experienced to ensure our team are able to meet client’s expectation, to assist and help your needs.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We do care about the corporate social responsibility as a medical organization. We support the work and projects from different sectors and different communities through sponsorship, donation and collaborations, aim to contribute and support a diverse community. By supporting the research work from various renowned universities worldwide, we would like to contribute ourself for the society and our next generation.