Genital Herpes Tests

Genital Herpes(HSV) Tests

There are several types of HSV tests:

Herpes(HSV) Swab tests 

collect a sample of fluid from the sore and can be used to perform HSV DNA test. This test looks for the genetic material of HSV in your sample.

Herpes(HSV) Blood tests

A blood test detects HSV antibodies in a blood sample. HSV antibodies are proteins that the immune system uses to fight the virus. Your body makes different antibodies against HSV-1 and HSV-2. This test can be done when you don't have sores.

  • HSV-1 IgG antibody test
  • HSV-2 IgG antibody test

Herpes-1 & 2 IgG antibody Western Blot test

HSV-1 & 2 IgG antibody Western Blot test, is one of the confirmatory test for HSV infection, is used to confirm and differentiate the infection status of Herpes Type 1 and Type 2. It requires a window period of 3 months or above, and In general, this test is not recommended for preliminary herpes screening.

What is herpes test used for?

HSV testing can be used for finding out if sores in the mouth or genitals are caused by HSV, and if so, what type If you are at higher risk for exposure to the HSV virus.

Why do I need to be tested for HSV?

You may need HSV testing if:

  • You have symptoms of herpes. Symptoms of a first HSV infection may include:
  • Blisters or sores in the mouth, genitals, anus, buttocks, or other areas of skin.
  • A crusty skin forms as the sore begins to heal.
  • Fever and flu-like symptoms.
  • Swollen glands.
  • Pain or tingling in the affected area.
  • Your partner has genital herpes or may have symptoms of genital herpes
Herpes Test Cost
ItemPriceSensitivitySpecificitySampleTurnaround Time
Basic STD Blood Test 
(5 items)
$1150not applicablenot applicableBlood8-24 hours
Essential STI Screening I
(19 Items)
$2,450not applicablenot applicableBlood, Urine24-48 hours
HSV 1 Antibody$38099.40%100%Blood8-24 hours
HSV 2 Antibody$38098.40%100%Blood8-24 hours
HSV-1 & 2 IgG antibody Western Blot test$1300>99%>99%Blood1-3 days
HSV 1 DNA$690not applicablenot applicableSwab8-24 hours
HSV 2 DNA$690not applicablenot applicableSwab8-24 hours
HSV 1&2 DNA$1100not applicablenot applicableSwab8-24 hours


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