UTI/Prostatitis Comprehensive DNA Screening
UTI/Prostatitis Comprehensive DNA Screening
  • 8-24 hours Express results, No Extra Fee is needed.
  • Provides free professional consultation services to explain and provide assistance before testing.
  • To ensure the success rate of sample-taking procedure, HPV sample will be taken by well-trained staff.
  • To ensure the privacy, convenience, safety and avoid embarrassment , we provide our own washroom for patients to leave urine sample.
  • Prepayment or deposit is not required. Payment is settled after the sample collection.
Test itemsUTI/ Prostatitis Screening 
(16 items)
UTI/ Prostatitis Screening
(26 items)
UTI/ Prostatitis Screening
(34 items)
UTI/Prostatitis DNA Screening
E. cloacae complex
E. coli
K. oxytoca
K. pneumoniae
P. mirabilis
P. vulgaris
P. aeruginosa
S. marcescens
A. schaalii
E. faecium
E. faecalis
C. albicans
S. agalactiae (GBS)
S. epidermidis
S. saprophyticus
S. aureus
Candida Others 
A. baumannii 
A. urinae 
C. freundii 
C. koseri 
C. urealyticum 
M. morganii 
P. agglomerans 
P. stuartii 
S. anginosus 
STI DNA Screening
Chlamydia trachomatis  
Neisseria gonorrhoeae  
Ureaplasma urealyticum  
Ureaplasma parvum  
Mycoplasma genitalium  
Mycoplasma hominis  
Trichomonas vaginalis  
Gardnerella vaginalis  
Turnaround Time :8-24 hours8-24 hours8-24 hours
 Sample : Urine(male/ female), Semen(male)Urine(male/ female), Semen(male)Urine(male/ female), Semen(male)
Remark :Samples are taken by male/female staff to ensure the accuracy of sampling process.
Our centre provide an internal toilet take urine samples to ensure the privacy, convenience and safety of customers and avoid embarrassing situations.
The turnaround time only counts the number of working days. Saturday afternoon, Sunday and public holidays are not counted as working days.


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